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Things to note - If you are visiting for the first time we assume you are looking to make a booking at a Student One property. If this is the case then you can start, what is a very simple process, by clicking the register link above. From there you will be taken through a quick process where we will capture some brief information about you, your desired room and booking types and details about when and where you are studying or intending to study.


If you have applied in writing with us then please use the email address and pin number above were it notes password.


Two points to note are that to stay at any Student One residence you must be a student, and secondly when you make your application we will not be asking you for any money. Applying is absolutely free!


Returning users


If you are returning to the portal then you could be here for one of many reasons, accepting the offer we have made to you, including updating your details, making a maintenance request or managing your account. Whatever the reason all you need to do is log back in using the button above, enter your email and password and off you go again.

If you have any problems during any of the processes listed above please let us know, either via the live chat function on the website, by email at accommodation@studentone.com or call us on +61 7 3085 3050


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